• Brainventions Corporation, Inc.

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  • What We Do

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    Fileds of Expertise

    Research & Development

    • Software and electronics research, development & commercialization

    • Clinical Information Systems

    • Electronic Medical Records

    • Wireless Medical Devices

    • Aviation – Air Traffic Control

    • Sports & Entertainment – Figure Skating (Ice Dance & Synchronized)

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    Val Nenov, PhD, PhD, Dipl. Eng.

    Founder & CEO

    •Adjunct Professor (retired) @ Neurosurgery, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center


    - Micro-electronics (Dipl. Ing. Prague CVUT)

    - Computer Science (PhD UCLA)

    - Neuroscience (PhD UCLA)

    •Research Interests:

    - Clinical information systems (CIS)

    - Clinical trials (Stroke & Brain Trauma)

    - Imaging (MR, PET)

    - Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)

    - Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    - Natural Language Processing (NLP)

    - Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

    - Air Traffic Control (ATC)

    - Wearable electronics

    - App development (iOS, Android)


    - Brainventions Corporation, Inc. (1991)

    - Global Care Quest, Inc. (2002)

    - VAL9000, Inc. (2013)

    •Other Interests:

    - Private pilot since 1985

    - Former competitive diver (spring board and tower)

    - Competitive figure skater (ice dance & synchro)

    - Recreational cyclist

    - Argentine Tango and Bulgarian Folk dancer

  • Current Projects

    & Recent Developments

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    Let your skates play the music

    A unique musical instrument let's your skates play music as you skate on ice.

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    Capture handsfree video of yourself

    Smartphone & camera mounting rig for handsfree video of yourself in action.

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    Harness the power of AR

    Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play

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    Let your feet play the music

    Turn your dance shoes into a true MIDI Controller/Synthesizer featuring more than 60 instruments. Available at Google Play Store

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    Play a MIDI instrument as you walk, jog, dance or skate

    If you like to make music but you rather be outside walking this advanced semi-realistic MIDI controller/synthesizer is for you.

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    Let Your Face Play the Music

    Use facial expressions as a MIDI controller

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    Make Music as You Dance

    Use your dance moves to control a MIDI synthesizer

  • Completed Projects

    from Medicine to Aviation

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    Mobile Access to Clinical Information Systems

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    Conversational Interfaces for Clinical Information Systems

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    Integrated Clinical Information Phone Service

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    Automatic Semantic Speech Recognition in Air Traffic Control

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